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Therefore, international student consultants are keen observers of any potential shifts in immigration rules. Besides consultants, applicants who are planning for their Higher Education in must do their basic research and be informed on below points.

Commonwealth Countries: The Commonwealth of Nations, formerly the British Commonwealth, also known as simply the Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental organization of 53 members states that are mostly former territories of the British Empire. Australia, UK, Canada & New Zealand are the TOP countries with Highest Living Standards, Quality Education, Multicultural Community and Safe Land.

1. Simplifed Student Visa
Once you have been accepted to an education provider which best suits you and a course of your preference, you can start preparing your visa application documentation. Fortunately for all foreign students, Australian government has simplified this procedure. As of 2016, all study visas fall under the same category, Student visa (Subclass 500), no matter your academic field of interest or background.
UK Government has made changes to Student Visa (Tier 4) as of July 2015. Promoting Universities, these changes will help reduce immigration abuse ensuring that UK maintains a competitive offer and attracts the brightest and best international students. The UK continues to welcome genuine students to world class universities.
New Zealand, Visa processing is similar to Australia but If you change your programme you must apply for a new student visa as the programme on your student visa must match your enrolment.
In Canada, each province and territory are in charge of their own education system. Many schools in Canada teach English or French as a second language. Provinces and territories approve schools that can enroll international students. These schools are known as designated learning institutions (DLI). If you need a study permit, your acceptance letter must be from a DLI.
Australia, UK, Canada & New Zealand provide High Class Education providers renowned all over the world with its individual Tuition Fees and Immigration requirement. With this you may have question what and how much Financial support you must have in order to apply for Student Visa. Not to mention other expenses such as housing, food and healthcare which are parallel as per country’s high living standards. However, if you are eligible for any form of financial aid, you can lower the costs of your studies.
Consider applying for an international scholarship designed specifically for overseas students. Your financial ability is crucial for obtaining your visa, and it will also mean that you can enjoy your stay while as an International Student.
Coming from a different student culture can be a challenge when you travel across the world to earn your degree. Perhaps your previous education has been narrower or broader or you need to adjust to the different mix of practical and theoretical classes. As a result, some students can find it difficult to keep up.
Education Providers have distinct culture of providing study notes and study guides in order to help new students adjust. It’s easily done online via student login Portals / Moodle an Open source learning platform, where you can swap your own notes for someone else’s free of charge, get resources taught to you on Lecture or Tutorial class and prepare for a difficult exam with the help of past students and education provider who have mastered the subject matter.
These are very multicultural countries, and you will find yourself surrounded by people of all backgrounds and interests. Trendy restaurants and cafes, museums and galleries, lush green parks, gardens and so much more make these countries an exciting one to explore. Don’t be shy about asking for help or advice regarding any aspect of your life, there will likely be a crowd of people eager to offer you a helping hand.
With New Country on your step, it is very likely you will forget to keep your health checked. health insurance is one of the farthest things from your mind but knowing the basics can keep you out of a jam. Besides Visa Medical it is advisable that you use your Health Insurance. No one intends to become ill while traveling or studying abroad, but the wise traveler plans ahead. It is best to completely understand the health care system of whatever country you are in.
While local citizens are entitled to their local medical care provided by government, every foreign student needs to ensure that they have a proper health package called; Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) in Australia is provided by many private health insurance providers. National Health Service known as (NHS) in UK is national company under UK government, Canadian Provincial Health Care System (PHC) only covers international students which varies from province to province. In provinces in which international students are not covered under provincial health care plans, you will have to make arrangements for private health insurance coverage. Public universities in Canada generally offer the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), while colleges and private universities use other Insurance providers. Likewise, it is similar as of Australia in New Zealand.
Health Insurance which is also on your must-have list for the visa. It’s designed primarily as a precaution and a way to help you with potential expenses in case you have any health issues during your stay. You will receive the same benefits as Local citizens. GP (General Practitioner or primary doctor) office visits, emergency treatment, family planning, compulsory psychiatric treatment and diagnosis and treatment of certain communicable diseases. You may need to pay for prescriptions, vaccinations, dental, and optical treatments. Which are refundable if you provide the documentation to your Insurance provider. Insurance providers also have Doctors in certain locations mentioned in their websites to whom you can approach and make an appointment beforehand.
No matter where you decide to study, these Countries have a well-developed variety of public transport options including buses, trains, light rail and ferries. The services have reliable timetables and it might be useful to learn about any schedule changes before you start your semester or your Day. Some territories have concession fares for students so ask ticket counter and obtain the proper transport cards.
You may be accustomed to different Grading system. These Countries have a system where HD stands for high distinction, D for distinction and these are the two highest marks that you can get. Cr stands for credit, P for pass and F for fail. Your grade not only depends on your Test Results but as an international student, you are also given grades on basis of your timely and sufficient assessment / report submission & classroom attendance. Thus, ask for the information during your time of enrollment and in most cases during your Orientation week, these information’s are handed out along with your Class / Subject timetable, Student ID Card and Online Login details for Library and Portals.
Student visa allows student certain hours to work and although this is often an excellent way to minimize your expenses. You should consider whether this will affect your study. As a part of your Visa Condition as well, you must have minimum of 80% class attendance. Your visa allows you to work up to 40 hours a fortnight while your classes are in full swing, and you are free to work as much as you please during breaks, while your family members can do the same.
Overall, You and your Family members need to have had maintained your Student & Dependent Visa Conditions. Do your Research, this will help us help you. An International Student Applicant needs to have done their share of research and We as an Education Consultant will help you polish and refine your Research. This will assist in significant way to shape your Future and Put forward an refined Visa application.


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