Prepare for Visa Interview | Questions for UK & Australia

Visa Interview

Bizz trains students to prepare the visa interview of UKBA HOME OFFICE and AUSTRALIAN HIGH COMMISSION with specific guidelines and support. Mock interview will be conducted before their visa interviews.

Interview Preparation

The interview can be from Immigration or Your Education Provider

The visa interview always seems to be the scariest part of the process for applicants who wish to study abroad, but this should not be the case. The fact that a foreign education provider has offered you admission, means they believe you are in good academic standing and have the skills necessary to pursue your desired program.

The aim of a visa interview is to confirm that you are in the right state of mind to study in the country of your choice. Being academically and economically sound is only a small fraction of the total package applicants should possess in order to succeed overseas. Applicants are required to be mentally matured and independent.

This shows that you clearly know what program you are going to study and what significant difference will it make in your Life and Career once you complete the studies and return to your home country.

Visa & Academic (education providers) Officers simply want to make sure you have made the right preparations for the life as an International student studying abroad.

Interviews can be grouped into:

  • Questions about the Country of your choice.
  • Questions about applicant’s seriousness.
  • Questions about applicant’s intentions.
  • Questions that assess your financial situation.

Our Education Counselors will make sure that you are prepared and ready for any Q&A if you receive an Interview. Interviews can be done over the phone, skype call or by appointment at your closest VFS office as per Interviewers choice.

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