Study Abraod Procedure

Step : 1 Career Counselling

Bizz Education helps stuednts choose a field that is in tune with their skills and their job expectations, whick ultimately leads them to succeed.

Step : 2 Eligibility Check

Bizz Education carefully works with students creditablity and documentation check to have flawless admission process.

Step : 3 Application Procedure

Bizz Education always takes initiative to make your application process effortless for you.

Step : 4 Offer Letter

After completion of application process students acquire an offer letter from University with course details.

Step : 5 Visa Documentation

Bizz Education will work closely with students to gather their required visa documentation & verification.

Step : 6 Visa Application/ Visa Interview

Students will be applying for their visa after completion of Visa Documentation and will be trained by Bizz Education for their visa interview.