Grade 12


Grade 12 transcripts are typically issued by the examination board responsible for conducting the final examinations, such as the National Examination Board (NEB). A Grade 12 transcript and certificate serve as official documentation of a student's academic journey throughout their degree program at a specific educational institution. The transcript includes the student's complete name, birth date, and a special identifying number or symbol given by the school or examination board. Along with this, it contains details about the student's curriculum or stream (such as Science, Management, or Humanities), the school attended, and the academic year or session.


For students applying to universities in the UK, their Grade 12 transcript is an essential document. This transcript is used by UK institutions to evaluate students' academic ability, confirm that they meet the entry requirements, and determine how well their educational experience fits into the chosen course of study. Also, as part of the visa application procedure, international students need to provide their Grade 12 transcript and Certificate.

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