Duolingo English Test

All you need to know about the Duolingo English Test (DET) 


Duolingo English Test’s popularity is increasing day by day. Many institutions and companies accept this test as a proof of English Proficiency. 

So, what is the Duolingo English Test (DET)?

DET is an English Proficiency Test, brought about by the Duolingo App, the most popular way to learn a language online (Source: Duolingo). 

This test is known to be:

● Convenient: You can take this test online from your computer at any time and any place.

● Fast: The test takes 1 hour to complete and you can receive the results in 2 days. 

● Affordable: Compared to the other tests, this test is extremely affordable. Plus, you can share your results to many institutions without an additional cost.

● Trusted: It is accepted by thousands of institutions around the world.

How much does the test cost?

This test’s price is $59. However, you can take the practice tests for free through their app. You can also retake the test for up to 3 times within a month, if you are not satisfied with your score. 

How is Duolingo different from others?

Instead of separate Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening tests, Duolingo combines these skills to represent how the language is used in real life and academic settings and grades based on the sub scores below.

Sub scores:

Your total score and individual scores are calculated separately. They are weighted combinations of relevant questions contributing to each score. Your overall score isn't merely an average or sum of the individual sub scores.

Test Structure

The structure is mainly divided into three parts:

1. Introduction and Onboarding - 5 minutes

- During this part, you will check all the technicalities like camera, speakers and microphones. Then you need to submit the government-issued photo ID and go over the test rules and requirements.

2. Adaptive Test - 45 minutes

- There are many different types of questions, and the difficulty level of the questions change based on the test taker which is why it is called an Adaptive Test.

3. Writing Sample and Speaking Sample - 10 minutes

- You must respond to a given prompt. For Speaking, you are allowed to talk for 1-3 minutes and for Writing, you are allowed to write for 3-5 minutes. The students can review their answers after the test as well. 

Why take the Duolingo Test?

Duolingo Test is accepted by more than 5000+ institutions worldwide. Since the students can take this test online, at the comfort of their own homes, there is no hassle to get to the test centers. You can take this test anywhere and anytime. 

Along with that, the test uses computer adaptive technology, which means that the difficulty of questions changes depending on the test taker. 

Also, there is no extra charge for sending the score report to the institutions. And it can be sent to an unlimited number of universities. The institutions also get to see the video of your interview and writing sample when the results are sent. 

Given that the test only takes 1 hour to complete and the results arrive in 2 days, it is also very fast compared to other tests.

However, do check whether the Duolingo Test is accepted in the university that you are applying for, as every university’s requirements are different.

2 Types of Questions and Sub-Categories

Questions with the Correct Answers are graded automatically through their own special procedure which compares your responses with their correct responses and analyzes the similarities and differences between them. 

For Open Response Questions, the grading engine evaluates your English proficiency based on content relevance, style, and impact. It assesses coherence, vocabulary diversity, grammar accuracy, and fluency (speaking questions only). Pronunciation (for speaking questions) is also considered for clarity.

What are the Rules that must be followed while taking the test?

● Must not use another person’s name or identification to take the test

● Alone in a quiet, well-lit room with only the presence of the examinee

● Full face and ears must be visible (unless you are wearing a religious head covering)

● Camera and microphone must be enabled. Headphones or earphones cannot be used. 

● Full 60 minutes time must be dedicated for the test. The examinee is not allowed to open other tabs while taking the exam. 

● Outside materials aren’t allowed like mobile phones, notes, textbooks, pen, pencil, etc.

● Eyes should be focused on the screen

● Predictive text methods shouldn’t be used.

Remember, not following these rules can result in your test being invalid, without any refund. 

Comparison of Duolingo Scores with IELTS Academic and TOEFL, with CEFR

Duolingo FAQs:

How long is the test Valid?

This test is valid for 2 years.

How long is the Duolingo Test?

The test duration is 1 hour and it is fully online, computer-based. 

Can we take the Duolingo Test for immigration purposes?

Unfortunately, the Duolingo Test is not accepted for immigration purposes.

How do we pay for the test?

They accept all credit cards for test booking. However, if you don’t have access to it, then you can visit

Bizz Education and we will book the test for you.

What are some of the destinations that accept Duolingo Test?

Countries like the USA, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and Australia accept the Duolingo English Test as an English Proficiency test for higher education. 







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