Oxford Test

Oxford Test

The Oxford Test, recognized globally, is a standardized assessment used by colleges and universities as an admission criterion. It measures students' proficiency in various aspects of the English language necessary for success in higher education, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The Oxford Test evaluates critical thinking skills essential for academic achievement.

Scores on the Oxford Test provide students with insights into their abilities to apply language skills and knowledge acquired both in and outside the classroom. It gauges their problem-solving capabilities and communication skills, which are vital for college success. 

The test consists of several sections, each scored on a scale of 51-140, and is alligned to A2, B1 and B2 including two writing subscores for multiple-choice questions and the essay.


Candidates are assessed in four different departments:

Listening – 4 sections, 30 mins

Reading- 4 sections, 35 mins

Speaking – 4 sections, 15 mins

Writing - 2 sections, 45 mins

In addition to college admissions, many educational institutions use the Oxford Test to determine course placement and offer guidance on course selection. While some colleges specify which sections of the Oxford Test they require, others grant applicants the flexibility to choose their tests. These assessments provide colleges with a reliable measure of a student's preparedness for college-level work in specific subjects, serving as a strong predictor of future academic performance.

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